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    Smokeless charcoal barbecue stove cleaning and maintenance issues are very important

      smokeless charcoal barbecue stove
    Barbecue has entered millions of households, early summer, barbecue stalls all over the streets of the world. People are keen on the study of the diet. The barbecue was also from the original period. At that time, the ancestors knew how to get fire from the drills and roasted them to eat various kinds of food. With the evolution of time, barbecue has continued to the present, but people pay more attention to food safety and health. The smokeless charcoal barbecue stove we produce not only brings convenience to the barbecue, but also makes us safe and sanitary. We have made great efforts in environmental protection. Smokeless, clean, safe and sanitary are our smokeless charcoal barbecue stove production concepts.
      smokeless charcoal barbecue stove
    So how do users at home and abroad buy our smokeless charcoal barbecue stove to go back and use it?
    1, Smokeless charcoal barbecue stove should be kept clean, do not have residual food or charcoal ash and grease, remember to clean up after each use.
    2. After use, place the grill in a ventilated and dry environment.
      smokeless charcoal barbecue stove
    3, can not be ignored due to laziness did not cover the grill cover.
    4. Place it in a separate place. Do not press heavy objects on the grill.
     smokeless charcoal barbecue stove 
    5. If you do not use it temporarily, apply a layer of cooking oil to the grill to prevent rust.
    Taking note of the above details, using our smokeless charcoal barbecue stove at home and abroad can be convenient for a long time.

    If you are interested in our products , please send inquiry to our email:Alisa@lantianmachine.com

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